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Corneal Epithelial Healing Rates and Patterns After Microtome-Assisted Epithelial Removal During Routine Epi-Lasik

Vikram Lekhi
Calgary, AB, CAN

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About the Presenter:
Vikram Lekhi is breaking new ground as the first student at the UofC to concurrently study for both a MBA and a MD as part of the Faculty of Medicine’s Leaders in Medicine Program.
Lekhi completed his BSc in organic chemistry at Simon Fraser University and felt that there was, for him, a disparity between the research that takes place in the lab and its translation into the marketplace. To overcome this gap, he completed the Masters of Biotechnology (MBT) at the UofC during which he realized he wanted more exposure to the clinical world and business finesse. The Leaders in Medicine joint MBA/MD program was clearly perfect for Vikram.
“I want to practice Ophthalmology but that’s not all, I want to combine those skills with my other two degrees. The Leaders in Medicine program has given me the opportunity to marry my very diverse educational backgrounds – essentially I want to solve clinical problems by taking cutting edge research from the bench to the boardroom and finally the bedside,” said Lekhi.
"Vikram typifies the ideal Leaders in Medicine student in that he aspires to a dual career that will set him up as a leader in medicine. Not only does he teach at the graduate level at the University, attend medical school, pursue his MBA studies but he also has several active research projects that bridge basic science, epidemiology, health care delivery and business,” said Dr. Paul Beck, program director for the Leaders in Medicine Program. “Amazingly, even though he is one of the busiest guys I know he always time to chat and is never without a smile.”
His current research focuses on reducing provincial ophthalmological surgical costs by comparing different models within hospital or ambulatory care facilities. This study may alter policy and budget decisions in Alberta and beyond. Ultimately, it is Lekhi’s goal to combine all of his degrees to create a center of excellence for visual sciences, which will merry education, research, tech commercialization, reform public policies and perform advanced surgical care.
If everything goes as planned he will complete his MBA requirements in Spring 2010 and receive his dual degree after the completion of the MD component in 2011.


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